Monday, April 07, 2008

Instapaper Gets Even Simpler, Better With 'Text' View

I'm still addicted to the super-quick online bookmarking tool Instapaper - and now they have a new feature to perhaps make me even more addicted: 'Text' view.

While reading and article you save on Instapaper is easy enough, there is still load time involved for the site you saved. This is especially a pain if like me, you use Instapaper a lot on a mobile phone and you're on a network with EDGE. Text view eliminates the need to return to an actual page you bookmarked and instead will give you just the text of that piece served up on Instapaper's site.

Once again. Brilliant.

The service also has some new AJAX updates to hopefully make it faster and a new, more secure 'Read Later' bookmarklet.


  1. Cool feature. :)

    And by the way, your Grand Effect bar looks great! Nice job!

  2. Thanks Sarah - took a bit of work, but I eventually got it all aligned.