Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Flickr Video Launches, and Prediction #5 Bites the Dust

I write so much, so often now that sometimes I forget what I wrote in the recent past. Looking over my thoughts on Flickr Video (which launched today) however, I'm glad to see Flickr seems to be taking the exact approach I've talked about numerous times.

Back in May I wrote:
I don't think anyone would expect such a service to take down YouTube, but I for one am excited about it because of the many short videos I have (taken with my digital camera) that somehow never felt exactly at home on a service like YouTube where everyone seems to be out to find buzzworthy content

As long as Yahoo keeps Flickr Videos relatively tame and doesn't try to push it as the future of media, I think it could end up being a very nice service - I'm thinking a classier, younger cousin of YouTube.
Then, in early February I wrote:
While Faber suggests Flickr Video would take over Yahoo Video similar to how Flickr took over Yahoo Photos, I'm not sure that would be the right approach (and Yahoo says they are still deciding how to utilize their video services). I don't want to see another YouTube competitor and as I wrote back in May, Yahoo trying to go directly after YouTube would likely be a mistake. They need to go smaller, they should make Flickr Video very much akin to Flickr itself, a place for clips that get overshadowed on YouTube - personal videos and things like scenery clips.
And of course this was on the 2008 Predictions as well, coming in at number #5:
5) Flickr will launch its video service - but it won't be meant to directly compete with YouTube
While this has been said to be coming for a while, I think the smart move by Flickr would be to make this service less about entertaining videos and stick with what Flickr does best, landscapes, home videos, etc.
If you listen to Dan Farber's interview with Kakul Srivastava, Flickr's director of product management, it seems like we're on the same exact page.

Not too many of those predictions are left, get em while they're hot.

Below: A test of Flickr video


  1. woohoo! i didn't realize they launched this. i've been waiting forever. i hate posting my personal videos elsewhere when i upload photos & videos from my camera

  2. @mjlambie - yep, this seems perfect for that. so glad they didn't try to make a "youtube killer".